What kind of side, like.. it’s a song about being lonely.
and he had broke up with me, and I felt something in me.. and all I wanted to do was sing..

I don’t know if he made a mistake, maybe he honestly didn’t like me.

But, I felt so alone, like all the power I had gained was forcefully taken away.

It was like, I was granted happiness then it got snatched away.

And honestly it hurt, it felt like I was stabbed in the chest.

So, I thought maybe if he heard me sing it, he’s fall for a part of me he has never known.

That’s the only reason I wanna do battle of the bands, for some strange reason,

I have this hope in me that I could get him back, the way I get a lot of other people back..

Using the one thing I can seduce people with.. my voice,

But, maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

Maybe, I should just stick by myself.

Why would he be hurt? He hurt me, he broke me down.

Then he gets on twitter, and tells that one girl that she’s gorgeous, that shit felt like a blade against my chest.

Because for a minute, I thought maybe he would change his mind.

But that set all things in line,

And I’ve been doing nothing but singing alone, with my guitar in my room, I take my food down, my drinks, I sleep and wake up and sing. I breathe music at this point, and it scares me, because I’ve never felt like this before..

When people break up with me, I laugh. When, I break up with people, I’m fine.

But, this hit something inside me, that hurt so bad.. like a tiny itty bitty crack in my heart, turned into this huge break. And it just

It hurt

Really bad.

All I can say…

I really wanted us to work, because he made me happy.

…. I was gunna play for him.

I was gunna sing.

His is why I stick by myself, all the lonely people.

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