The flip cover of my daughters journal lies on her bed tempting me to skim through it. I know I shouldn't but I'm extremely curious about my teenage daughters life considering  if she is like me. She never talks to me about any of her problems or what goes on in her life. There is memories and secrets in that book that no one else knows except maybe her friends. If she would catch or find out I read it my daughter would hate me with a passion and would most likely never forgive me. I couldn't  take it no more I grabbed the journal and walked downstairs. The front of the cover had a cartoon drawn on it, I opened to the first page. The way she worded things was descriptive this journal was not like an ordinary teenagers  journal more like a love story. This journal could be a book it didn't just have happy things but also shocking and depressed moments her life sounded as a dramatic change of events. I flipped to the back as I began to close It a sentence had caught my eye. 
June 5th 2012 The day was warm and I could feel the magic in the air the temptation between us was growing like wildfire. As we arrived at his house from our walk he opened his front door no sign of any guardians I followed in after him. Would this be the day it would happen the day I loose the most precious thing that belongs to me? I asked myself. Two hours went by nothing unexpected happened just an evening spent alone together. I gently closed her journal as I seen her bus pull up outside I walked up the stairs and sat her journal in the exact place and walked over to my room with the shock of how my daughter has a hidden life behind what I see everyday.

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