Here is something I thought that I would never actually do, kick start an Internet journal (or blog if you prefer) without nary an idea or a reason to do so.

But as one individual most likely said, the best way to play the Internet game is to go on a whim and hope everything works out for you. Shockingly, you would most likely meet piles of resentment from the general populace that came to habit this magnificent place. Playing the Internet game on a casual and cautionary mode yields no excitement or victories whatsoever. It may be me just preferring the adventurous undertone of a daring and reckless adolescence trekking the various unknowns of the cyberspace, hopefully meeting new friends and unintentionally making lasting enemies.

With that little insight of the insanity that is me that I now share with you, whoever you are, I sincerely hope that my passive and ultimately pointless ranting and whatever will enlighten you, or at the least entertain for whatever reason.

Whatever tickles your fancy is between you and your therapist(s). 

Hopefully, there will be more soon.

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