The two leaders stared at one another, waiting for a chance, some single factor that would throw the side in their favor. All that would be required for this perfect storm to come into fruition was something as small as a sneeze, or as drastic as a knife to the chest. 

This chance did not come.

“Why all the tension? Why can’t we just settle this over a drink?” The tall pale man asked. He took a few steps back, his eternally black robe brushing the ground. An unsettling grin crept from one cheek to the other, his jagged teeth secretly sending fear into all who saw it. His pointed ears and eyes like that of rat suggested that he was a hybrid, and not fully human like the rest. 

The other man, slightly taller and less pale (and a far less bald), ignored the sordid features of his rival and stared into his eyes. “Because you have my friend, and I want her back. Tis’ as simple as that.” His hand was placed firmly on the hilt of his blade, ready to cut his enemy to a fraction of what he once was. 

The pale one laughed, and his teeth glistened in the light. “Let’s not fight.” He said in a singsong tone. He slid over to his prisoner, a rather attractive girl of about seventeen, whose hands were bound behind her. He placed one of his claws on her chin, and ran it around the side of her face; her beautiful brown hair fell across his hand. “It would be terrible if this poor girl would be caught in the crossfire.” The girl cringed as his face approached her own. 

“Your disgusting…” She grunted, spitting into his face. With the back of his hand, he wiped the saliva, and struck her with a great deal of force. She staggered backwards, and from then on did not speak up.

His rival raised his hand, signaling a comrade to bring forth his prisoner. This captive, unlike the other prisoner, was more relaxed and confident, despite the large blade held to his neck. His spikey hair bounced freely as he was drug fourth. He looked up at his master and copied his grin.

“Oboh, are you going to come get me or what?” The pale man smiled and waved him off. 

“In due time Orez. Be patient.” He turned back towards the other man. “Now Hobo, why don’t you just take Zo and all your other little buddies and leave while you still have the chance? We will keep this little cutie, and you keep Orez.”

Orez’s face became one of concern. “What? I thought you said you were going to bust me out of here!”

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