As the years go by I still can’t forget your face
The way you made me smile or the way you used to taste
My tongue wont let you go not after all the sweetness you’ve left behind
I still feel your hand on my hand and you’re stare into my eyes
You pressed your face closer to mine and the memories begin to pass
Ill never forget you not until I live 
My life is so much harder with out your voice
It’s colder without your advice
I can’t get close enough to love anyone else but you
Because my whole life died with you

How can I love someone who’s gone?
I don’t know how to explain
All I know is that your soul is still with me
I taste the bitter salty tears that roll down my cheeks
I know that if you were here
You’d wipe them off my face with your fingertips

I try to push it out of my way and leave it at the back of my mind
But I cant
How can I forget something?
That meant, no means the world to me

Id give up anything for you to be here again
I am the goofy insecure girl
But with you I felt special in every single way
You told me I was beautiful 

And it reminds me of the days
When we would talk all night and day
I know I’m not perfection but when I stared into you’re eyes
I didn’t need anything just to be by your side
Its tough enough to live without you next to me
I think about you night and day 
I hope and pray you don’t abandon me

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