Her day hasn’t gone as planned…but she isn’t worried. She comes home to five kids and a foreclosing house…but she isn’t worried. Her court date was a week ago…but she isn’t worried. She’s out of food stamps for this month…but she isn’t worried. Her ex-husband threatens to take the kids away…but she isn’t worried. All of her worries vanish at blink of her mascara-caked eye. With one saringeful, she’s on top of the world. She has total control, all her pain slips away and she drifts off to a carefree world. But that saringeful wears off fast, she needs more. She needs her escape from reality. But her medicine cabinet is dry. She has no more. She has no car. She has no money. She had no dealer that is willing to just give. She has no energy left to go sell herself again to a stranger. She is broken and she has nothing…but 1000 worries.

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